Dear Students Parents & Guardians, 

We hope you're all keeping well.

We'd just want to make sure you're all training safely at home and wanted to share our home training conditions with you. Please make sure you have done the following before starting your session with us - 

What you need to do
·  Check suitability to participate (are you fit and healthy?)
·  Check suitable flooring (make sure it's not slippy!)
·  Training area must be fit for purpose with enough space to practice (don't knock over any heirlooms!) 
·  All of our training should be non-contact and not to be used inappropriately.  
·  Existing members/participants only (make sure you have an active agreement with us)

What we will do
·  Make sure your Instructor is qualified to deliver activity conducted
·  Your Instructor will keep record & recording of session

Please note!
Please remember that by participating in online training/at home practice, you're doing so at your own risk and must ensure you have adequate and non-slip floor space in which to participate and you have no health concerns.

Best wishes, 
Matt Fiddes Martial Arts & Dance