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Welcome to MF Dance. Here you can find our official range of MF Dance and MF Dance Elite Clothing and gifts. 

Please note that some of our items are made to order and can take a couple of weeks to reach you, if you need anything by a specific date please do let us know.

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MF Dance
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MF Dance Elite Enrolment
For those who have been invited and have accepted the invitation to join our MF Dance Elite programme.
MF Dance Hoody
Our official MF Dance Hoody
MF Dance Varsity Jacket
Stylish MF Dance Branded Varsity Jacket with the option to have your name printed on the back
MF Dance White T-Shirt
MF Dance White T-Shirt
MF Dance White Vest
MF Dance White Vest
MF Stainless Steel Water Bottle
Stainless Steel Water Bottle
UK Street Dance Challenge South West Championships

UK Street Dance Challenge South West Championships